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Daraclean 282
Alkaline Aqueous Cleaner


A low-foaming, all-purpose alkaline cleaning solution, Daraclean® 282 is an excellent cleaner for a broad spectrum of soils.

This multi-purpose industrial cleaner has excellent soil-rejecting properties and suspends soils until they settle and can be removed by filtering or skimming, for a cleaning bath which lasts much longer than other water-based cleaners.

Daraclean 282 can be used in concentrations up to 25 percent (20 percent for CARB compliance) in immersion, ultrasonic, spray and steam applications.

Moderately alkaline, with low foam levels, Daraclean 282 contains inhibitors to prevent metal corrosion, and has no phosphates and is hard water tolerant.

Daraclean 282 meets all major aerospace specifications for NDT cleaning, is safe to use on most metals and is non-aggressive on aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys.

Magnaflux Daraclean 282

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  • Ideal Application: Aluminum, Anodized aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Carbon steel, Cast iron, Copper, Magnesium, Nickel, Plated metals, Stainless steel, Superalloys, Titanium


    Defect Examples: Buffing compounds, Carbonized soils, Cutting fluids, Heavy oils and dirt, Lubricant oils, Machine oils, Machining fluid, Medium weight and lube oil, Motor oil, Synthetic coolant, Water-soluble oils


    Compliance Standards: AMS 1551, 1551A, ARP 1512, ASTM F495, F519 TYPE 1 C, BAC 5763, Boeing D6-48809, CSS 253, GEAE Method 22, 51145, Honeywell ARP 4992, Pratt and Whitney PMC 1429, PWA 36604, PWA K231, RR CSS 204 Type A

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